8 Online Business Opportunities from home without investment

online business from home without investment - In the digital age is now being rampant once online business, where the main media in doing marketing through cyberspace is through the internet. Somewhat less precise indeed if we call the online business, more precisely is the online marketing. But, in general we have called online marketing as an online business. So what online business can we do? Remember in this article does not mean the business to be occupied really without capital, but minimize capital. Because impossible if the business is zero capital, surely there must be capital that we will spend, at least is the capital of time and energy.

What is meant without capital here may be in terms of nominal money spent can be said very far compared with offline business, we can cut capital up to 90% more than with offline business. For example, to make a shop / grocery store we spend $ 1000 capital is felt very less, but if used for business online capital of $ 100 alone is very much, and is very enough for the cost of creating a website and advertising costs either on google adwords or facebook ads .

What is an online business?

Before discussing more about the various online businesses and online business from home without investment, we must first know the definition of online business itself. Understanding of online business is a business or entrepreneurial activity by utilizing the internet as the main media, both for promotions and transactions.

So, in essence an online business is a business via the internet, any business if using the internet can be called an online business. Online business began to grow when the Internet began to be introduced publicly, namely at the beginning of the 20th century. In the early days of companies that are now very large began to be built, such as google, amazon, yahoo, alibaba, etc ..

After entering the 21st century its development is much more rapid again, because the penetration of the Internet has begun to spread and global. The peak is now, where the development of the internet in the last 20 years very rapidly and really change the habits of life in the world.

Kinds of Online Business That You Can Start Now!

8 online business from home without investment

The diagram I created around the year 2015 early, and this article I update on February 4, 2018, after the first publish in December 2018. However, the outline remains the same, maybe just the scale and level of difficulty is now increasingly difficult. This is because more and more people who know online business, so the competition is getting tougher.

Well, then what online business can we do? In this article I present 8 kinds of online business that we can wrestle. But, remember online business below is by no means without capital. However, with a capital that is minimized. Just follow these are 8 types of online business that you can develop:

1. Ads Publisher (Ads Publisher)

The first and foremost is as a publisher. I am very sure almost 90% of people who are new in the online business world early in this business. Why can I be sure? Because most tutorials or articles discuss how to get dollars from blogs. Well, this publisher model is utilizing the website to be where the ads are aired. So, we simply create a website with interesting content and visitors come to visit our website. If the visitor is enough then we can start monetize by becoming a publisher.

There are many advertising service providers that we can use, which is very popular is Google Adsense. There are many free or paid courses that discuss about google adsense this. There are many people who have earned thousands of dollars per month through google adsense. But is it that easy? The answer is no. More details I will discuss in other particles. Alternatively we can use chitika, Media.NET. Or we rent our website advertising slot.

3 Step Google AdSense Workflow

Since Google Adsense is the most widely used service by bloggers, I will briefly review one of the services that contribute Google's greatest revenue. Google Adsense does not stand alone, it deals with other Google services that is Google Adwords. Google revenue of more than 50% of revenue is contributed from the ad network they have, it can be said Google as a major player in the online advertiser business even arguably monopolize advertising channels in the world. Google has two main units to take care of these ads, as already mentioned namely Google Adwords and Google Adsense.

Google Adwords is one of the divisions in Google that is assigned to search for advertisers or advertisers, then Google Adsense is a division in Google who is in charge of finding a place to put advertiser ads from Google Adwords. In addition to Google Adsense, Google also has Google Admob. This admob focuses on ads on mobile app, whether Android or iOS or anything else.

So ads obtained by Google Adwords are distributed to publishers through Google Adsense and Admob. Where did Google make a profit? Here the calculation, if the Google Adsense publiser that we get about 68% and the rest for Google is 32%. For example like this, advertisers pay to Google Rp 1,000,000, if all the ads are displayed on our web only then we get for 68% of the value, which is Rp 680.000 and the rest for Google. But it's not that simple.

Google adheres to the concept of PPC or Pay Per Click means we get paid if someone clicks on an ad from Google, or the advertiser pays to Google for every click the ad earned. For example, if the price of each click from Google is Rp 500 then if someone clicks on our web ads, we will get 68% commission or about Rp 340 / click, and Google get Rp 160 / click from every Rp 500 paid by advertiser .

Simple formula to calculate revenue from Google Adsense as follows:

Revenue = PPC x CTR x Page View

Revenue from Google Adsense can simply be calculated by that formula, by multiplying the PPC (cost per click) by CTR (the ratio of visitors to which the ad clicks) and the web page view. For example, if the price of PPC = $ 0.5, CTR = 2%, and Page View = 10,000. Then Revenue = $ 0.5 x 2% x 10,000 = $ 100. Already understood? That's why it's important for publishers to know the factors that determine Google Adsense revenue.

How to maximize your Google Adsense revenue?

Broadly speaking there are 3 components that determine how much income received by us. But how to maximize it? Here are tips for getting big revenue from google adsense:

1. Blog / web theme

The most important is the theme or the cool language is the niche of our blog itself. Because although our visitors a lot, but if the theme is normal then the CPC and CTR values will be low. I have a case, eg educational blogs with visitors 25-30 thousand per day earnings from Google Adsense is only about $ 7- $ 15 just per day, but if with a lot of visitors with the theme of business / home design then per day can get $ 23- $ 30. Especially if our blog English, a day visitor 1000 we can get $ 10- $ 50. Because usually the CPC value of English blog at least 10x from CPC value in Indonesia.

Then do we have to focus on the type of business / high click value? Not really! Why? Yes because getting visitors that much in the business theme is very difficult, because competitors are already web-web large. So the solution? If we are still a beginner, write the articles according to interest only.

2. Blog template

This template or view also greatly affects CTR, as this template will determine where the ads will appear. If the template that we use is not good, then the blog load will be slow, because slow then before the web can be opened visitors will flee first.

Eat choose a template that is light and fast load, so that our web fast when accessed. My advice, use a simple 2 column template, which is simple without any non-essential accessories such as calendar, clock, etc.

3. Quality of articles

The quality of this article is also very important, because in the absence of quality articles it is impossible visitors will come. So, make a quality article, do not short-short minimum 300-500 words per article. Make as complete and as interactive as possible, adding pictures or video if necessary.

Do not make articles that are monotonous, and make people tired of reading them. Because, the better the article is made then the more visitors feel at home, because the more comfortable then it is likely he will click on the ads provided, because the ads displayed relevant to the articles he read.

Ads that appear also very influential with the article, because the google engine automatically read the entire article and then determine what theme is discussed in the article. Then google display ads in accordance with predetermined theme.

4. Ad placement

Placement of this ad is also very important, do not put ads in places that are not strategic. Eg in the footer. A good ad placement is the top, middle and bottom of the article. Because the focus of visitors is there.

2. List Building

List building is very important for business progress, The next type is list building or in the Indonesian language is build list. In building this list we can say we build data, this data is very necessary if we want to offer a certain product. There are many list building models but the most popular is building email / email subscriber list.

However, there are many other models such as building a list of PIN BBM, HP number, email, etc. We can separate the lists by gender, age, city, etc. Why does this matter? Because, the more specific our list and the greater the number of specific lists it will be easier in we offer products to people who are on our list.

For example, we will more efficiently sell whitening cream to 20 young mothers than to 50 random people. In addition to high levels of klosing, the funds we spend can be very, very economical. If we are an online seller then obligatory if we collect and store data buyers who have bought. Because one day it will be easier if we want to offer new products that we have to those on the list.

Suppose if we already have 10,000 contacts people who have already bought our product, then we have a new product and offer it to 10,000 people and there are 5% who buy our product then there are 500 buyers. If 1 product we profit $ 10 then we can already get a profit of $ 5,000. But, the hard way is our way to collect the list. So, we must be diligent-diligent promotion in order to get the data list of potential buyers.

3. Affiliate Marketer (Broker)

No less popular is the affiliate. What is an affiliate? This business model is that we sell products that do not belong to us digitally. Usually the product we marketed is a digital product with a very high fee. It can even reach 90% of the sale price. So, suppose the $ 100 product price price we get a $ 90 commission.

But, of course it is not easy to become an affiliate marketer. Mandatory requirement that must be fulfilled is we have a lot list, or mastering market / network affiliate that we tekuni. And, this affiliate is also a bit difficult if used as passive income because we must always sell to happen sales.

This affiliate is actually not much different from the dropship system, the difference is in the product only. Affiliates are usually more into digital products rather than physical products, while more dropship to physical products are sold. But the concept alone, that we as the sales marketing of a company / person and we are given a commission from each sale earned.

But now affiliate is growing. There are also affiliates that are physical products, eg teesring. We have a design, and the design is implemented into physical products such as t-shirts, jackets, mugs, etc. Then we sell those items that contain our designs, but the one who takes care of printing, shipping, etc is the teespring party. So we just focus on the design and sales only.

This can also be called an affiliate. If the popular digital products for sale are hosting, templates, courses, apps, and other digital products. Usually, the profit share earned is greater than selling physical products. If the physical product we usually only get a maximum of 30% only, but if the digital product can be up to 90%.

Why does this happen? Because, physical products would require a much greater production cost than digital products. Digital product enough once can be sold any copies, but if the physical product yes production 1 can only sell 1. So the cost becomes more expensive.

4. Build Online Shop

making online stores is one of the most popular online business, Next is to create an online store. This is also more rampant, because the cost of making online stores very cheap. Or even be free if you know how. In making an online store we can sell our own products or we take the property of others.

There are many methods to bring in sales, such as SEO, SMO, etc. Of course this is not easy but also not difficult. Depends on the persistence you have. Because, in building this online store we are required very patiently, especially in the face of fussy buyers, many asked but ultimately not to buy.

Currently there are so many services that can support this online sale, the most popular is the proliferation of online market or the cool language is the marketplace. The popular marketplace in America is Amazon, ebay, Clickbank, Comission Junction, etc ..

We can sell our product there for free, without any cost. Unless we want to get premium features then we have to spend money, but relatively cheap compared to the services that have been offered. Also popular is selling online through social media, such as facebook and instagram.

The key to the success or failure of online sales is consistency in promotions. Never be lazy to post our products every day! Although the post is the same yes it does not matter, which is important so that our account looks alive.

5. Pay Per Post / Content Writer / Author

Next we become writers. There are many publishers who need this service (including me). Because, of course one person can not handle everything, take care of the website, take care of SEO, as well as write articles. Better to buy articles with the criteria we have set.

There are many services that offer this at varying prices. The cheapest is $ 1 100 words, and the average is also above $ 10 / article / 300-500 words. Depending on the level of credibility of the seller. The more experience and good article (good in the eyes of humans and search engines) then the price of articles is also more expensive.

I once made a review article for a company, the price that I offer $ 15 for 1000 words, it is actually quite cheap for the company. If you have a good ability in writing it is not his fault to focus on being a writer, especially if you have a skillful English language then the income that can be obtained will also be very large.

My tip is to reproduce the writing exercise, at least 3-6 months we have to diligently practice writing every day. Later we can find the path and the way we write. Because this writing includes skills that need to be sharpened continuously.

6. Paid Membership

Next we create a paid membership / subscription. There are many that we can offer, eg tools / tutorials or templates. So, members have to pay a sum of money each month / year to get updates from the service we provide.

This is special if we are a product creator or affiliate. There are many digital products that we can sell again, depending on the license offered by the seller. So, we can make many product or sell many product also, then we can resell in the form of package. Or it could be in the form of a subscription, so we make monthly paid membership for example, but we also must be able to update our products consistently each month.

In addition to products, we can also create premium articles. The point is, we can create a good website, and then put a lot of ads. In addition to advertising we can sell membership to web visitors, by offering the web to be free advertising and content-specific content is much better quality than the free articles.

7. Web Flipping / Selling Web or Blog

Next is to sell our website. There are many sites flipping or buying and selling websites. The most popular is the flippa. We can sell our website that already old and berearning with expensive price. The average website sold thousand dollar or tens of millions of dollars.

This is suitable if we do not have time to take care of our web or blog, than the old idle better sold just the web. At least the result is enough to turn back when building the blog. Many people who sell their blog for such reasons, and the price is quite expensive.

So, if we have a website and we are lazy to take care of it better we just sell the website. Sapa knows anyone's interested.

8. Offering Services

the end is we can offer services. There are many services that we can offer, eg SEO services, article updates, etc. Eat it, if you have a skill that qualified please offer your services. There are many forums that you can use, the most popular is forum ads.id.Untuk these services we must be consistent with the quality of services provided, once the customer is disappointed then most likely he will not return to use our services. So, if you want to focus on selling services then be sure to provide the best service. The most popular is SEO services, design, or editing, or something else. The higher the skill we have the more expensive the price of the service.

For example, for SEO services itself has tens of millions for each keyword, depending on the level of difficulty of the keyword. Designpun thus, the more difficult the concept then the more expensive too price.So, the sale of this service is also very profitable not inferior to physical sales. Even selling this service almost without capital, which is important to have a complete laptop with internet connection and of course skil that mumpuni.Itu was the 8 online business from home without investment model that we can do. My advice is to focus on 1 business model first, if it is stable business may we expand to other business.

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