STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS AND GET THE IDEAS - These are 35 Promising Business Ideas for Starting Your Young Success. Almost no Capital. I want to live as an Entrepreneur. How about you? Want to start, but confused starting from where? What business opportunity? No capital? Relax, this article is the answer to the turmoil that you may be feeling now. But before you start an online business and get the ideas, it's good you have to prepare to become a businessman.

To make it easier for you to starting an online business and get the ideas, I divide it by category.

Please choose one:
• I prefer something that smells 'sales'
• I want a business from a hobby
• Business around technology
• Business around marketing and management
• I'm good at writing and speaking

# 1. Dropshipper
I started my first online business by becoming a drop shipper and can make a lot of money. This system is highly recommended for your new entry into the online business world.

Here are the advantages:
(+) do not have a high skill
(+) Just need internet network, bank account, smartphone
(+) Capital start from $ 0
(+) Time is very flexible, suitable for you who want to part-time.
(+) no need to bother sending goods
(+) Very minimal risk

How to get started?
Start with the easiest; first search what field you are interested in. After that, I recommend a forum or place of sale to get a supplier. You can also search for products on Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Google etc. With this system, our work is just as an intermediary customer and supplier. So we are marketing after that get a commission. Easy enough is not it?

# 2. Business travel & ticket packages
Not only products that have a physical form, but you can also sell digital products such as travel and transport tickets (train or plane). With the increasing need for transportation, then being a travel agent and ticket is a promising business idea. The required capital is usually the registration fee + deposit, the amount depends on each travel company. There is a free registration fee, just pay a few dollars deposit. There is also a free deposit fee, the registration is also free. Travel companies are already scattered on the internet, please search through Google.

The advantages of this business idea:
(+) High demand level
(+) Capital is quite affordable starting from $ 0.
(+) does not require high skills, except good marketing

Learn the work system of a travel company.

# 3. Sell products offline through online/online resellers
If you have a product that is usually sold offline, you can take a chance by selling the product online. The main capital needed is the stock of products and photographs for marketing via online.

Why this business?
(+) Many offline businesses are still not online.

Marketing tips:
A marketplace like eBay, Amazon, ClickBank etc.
Create your own online store.
Social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

# 4. Graphic design services (freelance)
Your hobby with design, this business idea is right for you to try.
This is a creative business and art, where you can highlight different characters from competitors. With this graphic design, you can provide services in the form of the logo, banner, poster, packaging design, web design, 2D & 3D modeling, or all kinds of other needs, in all kinds of industries.

Why graphic design services?
(+) Although the market is getting crowded, the level of demand is also increasing. Tips: search for differentiation.
(+) Capital for this business starts from $ 0
(+) Flexible time can be done wherever.
(+) This business is usually based on passion, then you should be able to enjoy it more.

How To Find Business Differentiation And Win The Market Competition Or by hawking your works and services on websites like Designcrowd & 99designs Graphicriver Marketplace icon, font, vector, Fiverr etc.

Beginner graphic designer tips:
Expand portfolio and do not expect much profit early in the business. Use Instagram as a scribble of your work. This can also be a portfolio for free.

# 5. Product sales based design & digital printing
Well, for those of you who have design skills but do not want to just sell services and want to look more entrepreneurs, then you can take this business idea, Digital printing his name. Examples of such products such as t-shirts, jackets, tumblers, bags, pillows, stickers, banners, business cards, books, etc.

"But is it big enough to buy the printer?"
Yes is large capital, it is recommended for you who just started to enter this business better cooperate with digital printing that already exists first. While collecting capital to buy your own printer machine, you can also focus more on your own design skills. The point is that cooperation is working under the digital printing company, or use the services of digital printing companies to print designs on the products you want to sell. Here's the illustration ... Position yourself is a good design t-shirt and want to sell cool shirts to all over Indonesia. The thing is, you do not have enough capital to buy a screen printing machine or printer. Then you can use the services of an existing printing company, to print designs made into the shirt. After printing is complete, you can market and sell the cool shirt.

The advantages of this business idea:
(+) Minimum issued capital, usually only to buy materials to be printed (plain shirts, paper, glass, etc.)
(+) More complex, because you have to do the job from looking for raw materials, manufacturing process, marketing to sales.
(+) Can build their own brands, such as Damn I Love Indonesia, Surfer Girl, Ocean Seven Store, and more.

Find a niche or field that will be occupied, for example, the field of fashion, office equipment, and household, advertising, etc. Expand the portfolio of goods that you've ever produced. Can train creativity and sell designs by joining websites like Designbyhumans or Threadless. Or from websites like (Indonesia) to sell t-shirts with their own design without the need to get out of capital.

# 6. Slideshow and animation design services
Kedengerannya is simple, in this business your job is to create and design a slide show for presentation. But the design made must be able to be an effective means of conveying a message. Therefore in this business idea requires skill design and make video animation high enough to be able to compete.

Expand portfolio to increase credibility. You can market your skills on websites like or

# 7. Business in arts and crafts
Businesses are usually based on passion is also quite crowded and increasingly popular. Especially since the growth of the internet and social media is growing, the marketing of this business can be more easily reach the global scale. For those of you who feel you have a high level of creativity, then you can start with this business idea. In the art field, itself is still a lot of niches, for example, woodcraft, sewing, accessories, paper, painting or photography, and other focus in accordance with your own creativity.

Why should business in arts and crafts?
The raw material can be from anything, from the environment around us. Can pour your creative ideas and idealism entirely with this business. The issued capital is relatively minimal. Do you know bag products made from packaged packaging? Meet some of the above criteria, and most importantly it's minimal capital !. For marketing itself mandatory online. Use social media like Instagram for example, provided you are able to produce an interesting product photo. is an example of a successful handicraft company.

# 8. Freelance Photographer
Now for those of you who like photography, then you can sell this expertise by becoming a freelancer, aka call photographer. This cool hobby is getting popular marked by the many advanced features in smartphones for photography. For the startup phase, you do not really need a sophisticated camera, you do not even need a DSLR camera first.
Can rent, or borrow friends when possible.

The main thing you should have is:
Photography skill
Name card
Computer or laptop for editing
Portfolio as much as possible
Then once you have prepared the main thing, you should select the field to be occupied.

For example, certain events (music concerts, graduations), family photos, modeling, traveling photographer, photos of commercial products etc. Just like any other hobby business, then you should be able to enjoy this business more. A money-making hobby.

Freelance Photographer Tips:
To place a portfolio, you can use a free like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Flickr, or Instagram. As usual, marketing can be on websites like or otherwise.

# 9. Alternative freelancer, you can also sell photos
That means selling photos is that you provide license or property rights to the results of your work. After that, you can sell it to the party in need of a need. For example, Mr. A has an online shop that is engaged in electronics. He again needs photos with computer themes for advertising purposes. Then Mr. A can save costs by buying photos direct computer themes, rather than having to hire photographer as in previous points at a more expensive cost.

If you still do not understand, the following example website as follows:
Photo Agent
Is a place to buy and sell stock photos, where you can sell the work of each.
Please visit one-on-one let me give you more idea about this promising business idea.

Why Worth it?
Because it can meet the needs of companies or parties who need these photos, with a cheap price and efficient process. And most importantly, the demand level is high.

Tips according to for you who want to start this business are:
So suppliers are in demand. This means that you sell photos according to what people need. Find the type of photo whose request level is high.

# 10. Easier than the photographer, the endorsement business on Instagram!
Thanks to the social media this one, the trend of endorsement in Indonesia increasingly widespread. Many Instagram accounts open other people's promotional services. With the condition should be able to become an influencer account. This means that the successful endorsement is that have the number of followers (followers) above the average lay account. The followers are real accounts, not bots. So for you who feel able to work on many followers on Instagram, then you can do business by way of endorsement. The business capital starts at $ 0

Tips on Instagram endorsement:
Focus on increasing the number of 'real followers'.
For the initial stage. You can provide endorse services for free and only paid with the product. Once the demand for endorse increases, then you may provide a varied tariff for once endorse.

# 11. Jago record video? Sell his services!
One way to make money from your passion is by selling services as video production or video shooting. For the field is up to your own, please find a niche that matches your penchant. For example video profiles, advertisements, short documentary films, short films, or short videos in the automotive field. If you are able to play in the automotive sports car field, then your market share is 100% tariffs of upper-class society. For this business, idea requires a fairly high capital because you must have the adequate recording equipment. But if you have no problem with capital buy the equipment, then this business could be 'wetland' as well as channel your hobby.

Initial business startup tips:
Market your expertise through websites such as or

# 12. Play games while doing business
If you are one of the maniac gamers, then you can also make money from this one hobby. Actually, there are many ways gamers make money, for example, join the tournament, open the cafe business, make your own games etc. But what I will discuss here is the easiest, no capital, at the same time can make you famous! The initial step begins with showing how you play the games. You know not Youtube it provides a special place in the gaming world? please see for yourself Youtube Gaming Or from other websites like Twitch or Mobcrush

Step 1: Live streaming
Use this as a first step. Begin your self-record fitting is playing games. And most importantly you have to have something different from other gamers. Or also 'add value with free gaming tips, play together with viewers, etc.

Step 2: Increase traffic
Next, you have to increase your traffic channel. Expand viewers, likers, even subscriber.

Step 3: Monetize or to make money
I will not discuss how to monetize in this article. You can search on Google how to monetize from Youtube's gaming channel, Twitch or Mobcrush. Or another way with a direct donation, for example via Paypal.

# 13. Youtuber
Well if we were just talking about games, now it's universal. You can open any channel on Youtube (prank, reality show, short video, comedy channel, tutorial, campaign, music video, and many other categories) The principle is the same as point # 12, where you have to have something different so it can attract many loyal audiences.

Why is Youtuber?
(+) do not use capital except record equipment that varied
(+) Based on passion
(+) Suitable for you who want to fame

The most successful example of Youtuber today, who else if not Pewdiepie. He makes money from advertising and sponsorship. Its net worth is now 124 million USD. If you do not feel confident with the camera spotlight, but have a million creative ideas and are interested in Youtube, then I have a business idea that suits you. It's at # 30!

# 14. Open music lessons online
Now it's your turn to have a passion for music. Business in this field is not foreign anymore, ranging from open band studio, music store, and other large capital business. But for you who do not have big capital, quiet ... Open private music lessons online only! Sell your musical skills by opening music lessons online. No need to meet directly, but you can use video chat privately.

Things you should prepare include:
Stable internet connection
Quality recorder (picture and sound)
And most important is the instrument itself
The initial capital to buy the equipment, unless you already have it all.

# 15. Beauty consultant and makeup
With the online world, you can also rely on your hobby in the world of beauty and makeup, while making money! One way is to become a consultant.

Tips for starting a business in this field:
Build your brand or name to earn the trust of the audience. One way is to showcase your makeup and beauty skills in the online world. And you can use Youtube by opening your own channel. Share the makeup tutorial. Beauty and care tips, product reviews, or other things that are needed and useful for the audience.

# 16. Mentors & business consultants
No need to be a consultant or mentor on a large scale, you can start with a small-scale target market such as SMEs or online shops are rife on the internet. The other thing you need to master (other than business and marketing) is the branding technique.

So the outline of your task is more or less:
Helping business people to expand their business in all aspects (money management, time, decision-making, goal setting, marketing strategy). Helping them solve the problems at hand. It looks simple, but in practice, you need to be a few steps ahead of the businessperson.

Tips for small business consultants - Intermediate:
Got a focus in a particular niche can help you to work more easily (because it fits your skill for example). Do not just give advice, but work with the client.

 # 17. Online private teacher
Basically, this business idea is the same as the business idea in the previous points. Still around 'sharing knowledge', you can sell your skills or knowledge that you master by sharing it with people in need. The field itself is very wide. Whatever your skills. For example, you are good at counting, then you can be a math teacher, and so forth. The thing that distinguishes with the teacher in general, here you work in the online world.

Why go online?
(+) the wide market, you can teach up to International scale.
(+) does not need to out cost expensive, just the cost of internet capital and recorder.
(+) Flexible time.

# 18. Services do school & campus tasks
If this one is actually the same as the previous business idea, you should have a more knowledge in a particular field. Suitable for you who do not want to be a private teacher online. Open up the services of other people's work. Usually, this business market target is school children and students. Indeed, this business idea sounds a bit silly, but look from everyday school children and students with the task that piles up, then this business idea you should consider.

In terms of business, the main thing to open the service is:
Marketing and promotion (large-scale target).
The accuracy of work, because the school and campus tasks are usually done in one day.
Therefore you can 'ride' on websites like

# 19. Website creation services (web developer)
I should make this one package with a web designer. But because the topic of this article is a promising business idea specifically for youth like you, then we better start small gradually. So, please try to live in this business especially for you who have the ability to 'speak' websites and internet, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and other sciences. Although nowadays there are many emerging online shop making services that are easy and cheap, for you who are able to give more value than 'cheap and easy' price, then you can target the middle-class company market upwards with high tariff. You can also sell your expertise in creating websites in the digital marketplace such as, fiverr etc.

Why business in the field of web development?
(+) More and more people are turning to the online world, meaning more and more website creation requests.
(+) Capital $ 0 but it takes a pretty mature skill.

 # 20. Online computer consultant/repair service
This business idea is special for you who have a fairly high computer skills, software, and hardware. You can open a computer repair service call with online marketing. Or it could be by opening a consultant in this field. Suppose you open a consultation about computer software problems, computer performance optimization, or recommendations to assemble a gaming computer. This consultation can be through chat, telephone, or even through video chat. Required capital starting from $ 0 Examples of businesses that have been realized is

# 21. Software maker (programmer)
For those of you who have high IT skills and can make software, then you can sell your services as a software maker of a company. The tariff of the software maker is huge! Especially now all migration to the digital world, it means the need for software is increasing. And if you are good at IT + like playing games, you can make game programmer!

Game Programmer Tips:
Gamasutra website can be your place to gain knowledge for free. You can use a website like or Clickbank etc. to start marketing early in the business.

# 22. Make mobile application, no programming skill required!
I summarize from, basically, for you who want to create a mobile-based app (Google Play Store & iOS App store), you can achieve without the need to have 'programmer' high skills, do not even need any programming skills at all! In the article spelled out the first step is to register as a developer. To make an app on the iOS App Store platform, you'll have to spend $ 99 / year or around Rp 1.3 million / year. Meanwhile, make Google Play Store cheaper that is for $ 25 or about Rp 350 thousand. Well, this mobile application will make money from various sources, such as advertising, or the most lucrative In-App Purchase, such as Clash of Clans game.

# 23. Or more easily, business in the field of data entry wrote
For those of you who have computer science but do not want a business that requires high skills, then business data entry can be considered. Data entry is a job where you have to enter data into the computer. More or less so. But the data entered is usually on a large scale, because if the data is small, people will not use data entry services.

So to get into this field, the things you should prepare are:
Diligent, because you will be faced with a large amount of data.
Mastering basic computer science and its applications (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.).
Can typing quickly.
With this business, you can work at home and earn income. Oh yes, the capital you have to spend for this business starts from $ 0

Create your own website as a form of your professionalism in this data entry business.
Find customers can be from marketplace like or Upwork

# 24. Blogging
Usually, most people have the same question, Blogger gets money from where? Before getting into how to make $, I want to tell first if every blogger has a goal to increase traffic blog, right? They try how to make a lot of visitors who stop by his website every day. When their blogs already have a lot of loyal visitors, then they can make money from various sources:
Advertising publisher
Affiliate marketing
Create a premium member system
Sell products (physical / non-physical)

The mindset you have to grow to become Blogger:
Diligent online (not full time does not matter).
Not lazy to write and read.
Next, other preparations to get started, you can get started with a free one like Blogger or Or directly buy hosting (where to store website data) and domain (website name).

Why start blogger?
(+) Flexible time.
(+) Can work everywhere.
(+) Capital start from $ 0

# 25. Advertising publisher
So the job is to put someone else's ads on the website. This business idea can be channeled one of them through Blogging (at point # 24) by attracting website traffic.

How it works as follows:
Stage 1: You have a website
with 'enough' and consistent traffic every day. Not a mandatory requirement anyway, but the higher the number of visitors your website every day, the higher the possibility of those visitors who click ads on your website.

Stage 2: Place an ad
You can use Google's AdSense. Or sell directly 'space' for advertising on your website.

Stage 3: After AdSense is installed
any website visitor who clicks the ad will bring $ to your pocket. publisher ads also use AdSense

# 26. Premium Members / Donors
Still around websites, blogging and making money. You can also open the registration of your website visitors to become a premium member or donor. Later premium member or donor this must be will pay the amount of money that you have set. Instead, you have to give 'something more' for them. Create a premium member or donor is a benefit compared to members or regular visitors. This 'something more' can be a bonus, additional features, free consultation, etc. A simple example is the Kaskus forum that provides donors for the Kaskuser. This donor must pay some money. Instead, donors or Kaskus Plus will get additional features.

# 27. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing earns money from a commission system, by promoting other parties' products. So still in touch with websites and blogging (again), you can make money by promoting the products of other people or companies.

Here I try to give an idea about affiliate marketing:
Step 1: You do promotion to the party providing the affiliate program.
Can post banners, product reviews, or direct recommendations.

Step 2: Visitors to your website are interested in affiliate products that you install.
Then buy the product through the link you include on your website.

Step 3: You earn commissions from affiliate program providers.
Affiliate program itself is a lot of popping up on the internet. Please search on Google.

Tips for affiliate marketers:
Make your website visitors more crowded to enlarge opportunities. Avoid direct selling affiliate products, you better do recommendations based on your experience using the product.

# 28. Advertising Online Manager
This business idea is special for you who have full expertise in the online advertising. At least you have to master Facebook Ads and Google AdWords (largest current advertising container).
The skill capital of 'putting up' ads is not enough to run this business idea.

You must also master:
Strategy making
Copywriting (to be explained at the next point)
Even the expertise to create an attractive banner design.
Despite demanding skill that is quite complicated, this business opportunity is very promising. The reason people or companies who want to advertise would want the ad was effective and efficient. Then your job is to make it happen. This business idea can be run with capital starting from $ 0

# 29. Social Media Manager
Almost similar to the Advertising manager, the task is 'take care' social media owned by other businessmen. The role of social media manager is very important, so you must have high branding skills through social media. The other businessman was very meticulous in choosing his social media manager. Because if one bit, the business brand is at stake. But you need not worry.

I have tips for you who are interested in this field:
Test your own brand or friends When you are still unsure of your skills and experience, then look for a business brand to have your friends who are still small and just starting. Give a deal to your friend this, if you will help improve social media marketing. Do not expect high costs just yet. Or if it does not exist, you can start your own with a drop shipper (# 1), blogger (# 24), or other business ideas that can give you a brand. Then, when you already hold the brand, focus in the field of social media marketing. Use to hone skills and experience.

Market this business by utilizing the marketplace.

# 30. Youtuber Manager
Associated with point # 13, this business idea is not just for you who lack confidence in the publication. But also for you who have more expertise in the management of 'artist'. Being an expert manager from Youtuber is the right choice. You can collaborate with Youtuber, adjust to your capacity and capabilities.

The task of Youtuber manager is more or less like:
Providing creative ideas and programs for Youtubers.
Organize their schedules for shooting.
Providing equipment that can bring Youtuber is 'feasible' to compete on the internet.
Marketing and promotion let Youtuber and channel crowded enthusiasts.

Why should be a Youtuber manager?
More and more YouTubers are born in the world in various niches. Usually, they have not been able to 'compete' with other Youtuber. Work with them.

# 31. Virtual Assistant
It means an assistant in the virtual world, aka the online world. Jobs suitable for you who are still a student, especially students. Every business startup that is just beginning to be difficult to move, therefore Virtual Assistant is one that can help the startup. Your job is to help other business people to complete their work. Means all the things contained in the business should you be able to help. Call it like data entry, email management, telemarketing, advertising, and other tasks. But keep in mind ... The main thing you should prepare is to know what skills you have, then focus on improving that ability.

"If you're working to be good at everything, you could never be best at anything. "- Neil Patel.

# 32. Creating and Selling Ebooks
For those of you who like to write, read, and have a strong desire to learn. Now you do not need to be confused again what business should be easy and promising. Use your hobbies and skills to make money! One way is to create an electronic book or better known as the Ebook.

What are the benefits of this business idea?
You do not need to be hard to find a book publisher. Making it easier because the shape is digital so no need to print physically. The advantage is maximal because it does not need to be shared with the publisher, distributor, or other parties. Easy to expand without additional cost. For ebook design problems you can use the services of other designers, usually, they provide ebook design services directly. So, from all this time you just read someone else's book, why not try to create your own book?

# 33. Nulis Articles Service
This business idea is like a small version of Ebook business, but the expertise and passion are still in the same field. You can try to open the services of writing articles for all kinds of needs.

The skill that you have to master more or less like:
Write with deadlines.
Adequate literary science.
Being able to create articles in multiple languages can be an added value.
This service is mostly needed by bloggers. They also usually order in a considerable quantity. If you are interested in this business idea, then you can start now.

# 34. 'Produce' A lot of money from Home, become Copywriter
For the layman, the term Copywriting may still sound unfamiliar. Actually, the copywriting and writing of the regular article has a great similarity, which is the same as writing, But what sets it apart, copywriting is writing with art.

What is writing with art?
Copywriting is a writing activity in which the writing is able to influence the mind of the reader. So, when you want to create an interesting ad on Facebook, then you have to create an interesting headline as well? The headline maker is called copywriting. The point of this copywriter should be able to change the ordinary word into a magic. Must be able to 'sell' something through words. Every word that is made affects the reader's mind, so in the end, the reader performs an action according to its purpose. You need to know, that the capital into a copywriter is really $ 0 except like the Internet and so forth. And even more tempting, copywriting is the most expensive paid writing activity in the world!

# 35. Expert Translate (FREELANCE)
Well, this business idea is also still about writing and reading. Create your own with expertise and passion in multi-language. Then you can also do business in this field. One way is to become a freelancer that sells translate services.

The things you should prepare for starting this business are:
Your own brand
Portfolio or sample translation results
And keep in mind that this business is not just translating articles, but also subtitle in the video.

Business translator tips:
Visit websites such as and for International scale.

It's a worth it online business idea to start your youth's success. All of my ideas are customized in 35 Promising Business Ideas to Start Your Young Success. Almost no Capital. STARTING AN ONLINE BUSINESS AND GET THE IDEAS. Related tags: online business, business ideas, online business ideas, starting an online business

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